Our Story

Growing up in a country that makes eating a form of pastime, more often or not, a person’s palate would eventually evolve to something more meticulous than the norm. Having to sit through more than a dozen gatherings every other month, it’s no surprise if you catch the culinary bug and end up creating something gastronomic.

Venturing into the inevitable, from selling staple meals to knick-knack treats to sauces, the group of friends dove in feet first into the various hodge-podge of market. Having heard numerous times of the playful jest of infusing “gayuma”, it was soon decided that the name Kitchen Witchery be adopted.

Why “suka”? The usual question from the curious. Aside from being a vinegar lover, the zany pioneer wanted to feature a popular product. Something that Pinoys love but fail to get the recognition it deserves. Thus, the audacious task of reinventing the national dipping sauce! Something that can be presented to the international market and be proud of.

Redressing the cider was the tip of the iceberg. After receiving an overwhelming embrace by the affluent and the “madla”, the creative bubbles just started lighting up! Soon, different kinds of products would traverse the unorthodox imagination of the maker. Whatever creative delight it is, one thing is certain, the objective is to elevate Philippine products worthy of global applause.

And everything started because of the love for food...