BAwang, SIbuyas, kaMATis, SIli

Positioned as a source for top quality Filipino condiments. Its slogan is: "Taste the Philippines in a Bottle ”. The current products include different variations of suka vinegar and hot sauce made from a combination of regional variants crafted to give a taste that is very familiar but at the same time highly unique. It has created a profile different from similar products available in the market thus elevating the standards to the next level.


The holy grail of Filipino cuisine are bawang, sibuyas, kamatis at sili -- which you can also call Basimatsi! Have your own bottle and always enjoy your Filipino dishes with these! Check this video to know more about them. 
#AgriPreneur: Basimatsi

Bawang, Sibuyas, Kamatis = Basimatsi! Every Filipino dish is familiar with these ingredients! Watch this all natural spiced vinegar that will bring additional taste to your favorite Filipino dish.

Posted by AgriPreneur on Thursday, February 21, 2019