Kitchen Witchery Food Ventures, Inc. (KWFV) is a Philippine company that aims to supply top-quality processed products to the domestic and international markets, through both B2B and B2C channels. It plans to be known as one of the outstanding small food producers that will satisfy the customer both in terms of taste and value for money.

KWFV is a newly established business venture by a group of peers who have collectively combined their limited resources to formalize and professionalize the production of homemade food, seasoning and spices. This startup company has been categorized as a Micro Enterprise (National Statistics Office and Small and Medium Enterprise Development Council Resolution No. 1, Series 2003, Philippines), its organization is being assisted by the DOST (Department of Science and Technology) step by step in order to adopt technological innovations to further improve the quality of products, procedures, production and efficiency. While being consulted and monitored by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Philippines, already accredited and issued with an LTO (License to Operate), it aims to gain recognition and credibility through strict compliance with the governing IRRs (Implementing Rules and Regulations) of the Philippines and any of the viable host country.

Inspiration - “Flavouring the World, One Blend at a Time.

Vision - “To make delicious experiences that would last a lifetime.

Mission - “To bridge and connect people around the world through gastronomic experiences.