Blended 3 Vinegars
Basimatsi #1 - Suka Liso
The most fundamental of the vinegar variants, it is a blend of three (3) different kinds of vinegar base which makes the flavour unique. Its aroma has a sweet note at the end which is contrary to the usual vinegar in the market that has a strong, acidic taste and scent. The body of the taste is distinctively different, tangy yet subtle to the palate, whitout leaving any sharp piquant sensation in the mouth, tongue or throat.
Spiced Vinegar
Basimatsi #2 - Suka Timplado
The most basic of the spiced vinegar. Combining the essential Pinoy spices into the bottle, the concoction is overwhelmingly exquisite. The spices infused are perfectly balanced which makes the spiced vinegar applicable to any fried dish.
       Sweet Vinegar     
Basimatsi #3 - Suka Minatamis
The mild sensation of sweetness loved by many fellow Pinoys paints the picture of a typical gastronomic treat of any emblematic urban foodie. Contemporary flavours are enhanced by the lush essence of molasses, giving any dish a more delightful experience.
Basimatsi #4 - Suka Sinalabat
The breath of exotic sensation of ginger infused with the basic spiced vinegar gives the savoury body of the Suka Sinalabat a zesty tang. Any dish that gets in touch with this creative blend becomes more succulent and vibrant to the taste. With the benefits of ginger, not only is Suka Sinalabat a Pinoy culinary treat, it also has beneficial effects to ones health.
Smoked Vinegar
Basimatsi #5 - Suka Pinausukan
If you love the aroma of grilled food, then Suka Pinausukan is the one for you. Creatively crafted for the distinct smoky, roasted fragrance and taste that creates the impression of a barbecued meal. The peculiarly selected ingredients make this one of the most unique flavoured vinegars in the market.
     Soy Limed Vinegar
  Basimatsi #6 - Suka Toyomansi
 Created for the young or the young at heart, the bold essences of soy sauce and the native calamansi are fused with the delicately well balanced spiced vinegar. The name suggests of a condiment easy to imitate but unknowingly to everyone who would give it a try, the uniqueness of the taste would suggest that it is distinctively atypical and was creatively crafted for a specific purpose, to get people captivated.
     Fermented Chili      
Basimatsi #9 - Labuyo Cerversa
The brewing and aging process of the chillies emulated from the fermentation procedure of beer making. Created from fresh native , the love of Pinoys for a spicy sauce is undeniable. Created not only for the appreciation of Filipinos, but also for the delight and satisfaction of our foreign neighbours guaranteed to make anyone who has the heart for spiciness fall head over heels for the bold, self acclimatizing flavour making it perpetually a must on every dish.